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COVID-19 Opinion Tracker - Edition 7

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Dr. Jana Edelmann Digital Feb 03 2021

Kekst CNC trifft Tijen Onaran

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Eleanor Cavill Dez 17 2020

Episode 7: A Crisis in Polling? Looking Back at the 2020 US Election

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The seventh Kekst CNC international tracking survey finds that as vaccines roll out, businesses are facing increasing reputational risks in the latter stages of the pandemic. As an example, we find that the pharmaceutical industry has received contrasting opinions recently. In the UK, the pharmaceutical industry has seen a significant boost to its brand, placing it alongside highly rated industries like supermarkets and the NHS. On the other hand, Europe has seen significant dips in the reputation of the pharmaceutical industry following bumps in the rollout of vaccination schemes. However, the picture across industries is a thumbs-up for businesses’ response, but a warning that brand reputation can shift quickly and unexpectedly. And, as the pandemic reaches its one year-mark, there is a growing belief that governments are not doing enough to support business.

The sixth Kekst CNC international tracking survey shows that the relationship between business and the general public will be transformed by the crisis. As 2020 has unfolded, individual corporates and sectors that had hitherto been unloved or the focus of severe criticism, have been at the heart of shared efforts to deal with the challenges of COVID-19. But our survey finds that a positive performance during the pandemic is not a blank reputational cheque. Consumers across all six countries expecting those who have come out of the pandemic best to share a larger burden of taxation in the months and years ahead. For employers, our survey reveals that new ways of working have become established and expected, with employees insistent on flexible models of working after the end of the coronavirus pandemic – and significant numbers say they will look at other employers if this flexibility is not provided.

What will the future of work look like in the aftermath of this pandemic? How has and will COVID-19 impact employees’ behaviour? What are the expectations and demands for employers? These are some of the questions we discussed on our panel event, drawing on the findings of our global COVID-19 public opinion survey and the perspectives of our Kekst CNC experts.



In unserer Interview-Serie „Kekst CNC trifft…“ sprechen Kolleginnen und Kollegen von Kekst CNC mit führenden Köpfen aus Politik, Wirtschaft und den Medien über aktuelle Themen rund um die strategische Kommunikation.

Purpose, Nachhaltigkeit und ESG

2020 war für uns alle das Jahr neuer Herausforderungen. Die Corona-Pandemie führte nicht nur in unserem Arbeitsalltag zu tiefgreifenden Veränderungen und zur Verschiebung von Prioritäten. Auch medial erzeugte die Corona-Krise eine neue Aufmerksamkeitsspirale.

Leadership transition and succession planning always present communications challenges to a company, particularly when control is passing from a founder who personifies the company’s strategy and culture. But nowhere is the “Founder’s Dilemma” more pronounced than in startups where the founder – who is often also the CEO – is synonymous with the business in the eyes of investors, employees and customers.


The ‘blue wave’ that many pundits predicted would come in the early hours of November 4th did not immediately materialise. But does this mean that pollsters were the undisputed losers of the 2020 US election? In this episode, our host Eleanor Cavill is joined by two of Kekst CNC’s Senior Advisers, James Johnson and Tom Lubbock.


Mit seinen rund 800 Presseclubs wird die japanische Presse oft als die herausforderndste Presselandschaft der Welt bezeichnet. Unser Partner und Chairman Asien Jochen Legewie begleitet nun bereits seit über drei Jahrzehnten internationale Unternehmen erfolgreich durch die komplexe Medienlandschaft Japans. Im Podcast „Abc 4 Japan“ spricht er mit dem langjährigen Japan-Korrespondenten und Autor des Buches „Abc 4 Japan. Ein Kulturguide“ Martin Fritz darüber, was die japanische Medienlandschaft so besonders macht.

In the sixth “Global Thinking” episode, host Eleanor Cavill is joined by Andrew Berkley, Data Science Lead, Strategic Intelligence Team at the World Economic Forum and Kekst CNC Partner and Head of Digital Engagement, Lucy Cording.


London/München, 17. Dezember 2020 - Kekst CNC, eine der weltweit führenden Beratungen für strategische Kommunikation, baut sein Angebot im Bereich der Nachhaltigkeitskommunikation aus und erweitert dafür mit der Ernennung von Meghan Sheehan als Director im Londoner Büro sein globales Team erfahrener Kommunikationsexperten. Meghan Sheehan war zuvor in führenden Funktionen bei Brunswick und der Barclays Bank tätig.


München / Berlin / Frankfurt, 10. Dezember 2020 – Kekst CNC, eine der führenden internationalen Beratungen für strategische Kommunikation, verstärkt ihr Führungsteam und holt mit Marion Horn eine der profiliertesten Journalistinnen Deutschlands an Bord. Nach über sechs Jahren als Chefredakteurin der Bild am Sonntag, Deutschlands auflagenstärkster Sonntagszeitung, wechselt Horn zum 1. Januar 2021 als Partnerin in das Berliner Büro von Kekst CNC.


München / Paris / New York, 17.11.2020 – Günther H. Oettinger erweitert zum 1. Januar 2021 das Global Advisory Board der internationalen Kommunikationsberatung Kekst CNC. Oettinger war nach seiner Zeit als Ministerpräsident von Baden-Württemberg von 2010 bis 2019 Mitglied der EU-Kommission, zunächst zuständig für den Bereich Energie, dann für digitale Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft und schließlich für Haushalt und Personal. Er blickt auf eine jahrzehntelange erfolgreiche Laufbahn in der nationalen und internationalen Politik zurück. In seiner Eigenschaft als Mitglied des internationalen Beratungsgremiums steht er dem gesamten Kekst CNC Team als Sparringspartner zur Verfügung und wird auch den Kunden mit seiner großen Expertise beratend zur Seite stehen.


“The Continuing Storm: Global Threats in the Wake of a Worldwide Pandemic” a Kekst CNC and CMi Forum webinar, chaired by security experts Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger, Chairman of the Munich Security Conference and former German Ambassador to the U.S. and the UK, and Tom Hurd, Director General of the UK´s Office for Security and Counter Terrorism, was a must-attend for all those interested in global dynamics. The discussion was informed by Kekst CNC research, which provided an analysis of global threats as viewed by the public in six countries.

What impact has COVID-19 had on ESG? Has it become more important or less? Have priorities of investors – and the public – shifted? Is climate protection still ‘number one’? And how are leading businesses in this space changing their ESG policies and priorities?

Shareholder activism has surged in Japan over the past few years. In addition to the increasing number of activist campaigns, a record 65 Japanese companies received shareholder proposals during this year’s AGM season. This is reflective of the government’s corporate governance reform, such as the introduction and revision of the stewardship code and corporate governance code serving as a tailwind.