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When we do finally emerge from the COVID-19 crisis, the world will employ a magnifying glass to assess how businesses responded to the crisis – and the steps taken to recover and rebuild. Leaders are already recognizing that rebuilding a “new normal” affords businesses an opportunity to recover in a more responsible, sustainable and, ultimately, better way.

COVID-19 has fast-forwarded the practice of working from home and collaborating virtually with colleagues. What would have taken years to become common practice in large corporations has happened overnight. Rather than relying on meeting in person, millions of workers are turning to a variety of technological solutions to stay connected.

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Die re:publica ist inzwischen eine der größten europäischen Konferenzen zum Thema Internet, Medien und digitale Gesellschaft.


Heute funktioniert Networking vermehrt über digitale Plattformen. Ändert sich dadurch der Charakter des ‚Netzwerkens‘? Und was macht ‚erfolgreiches Networking‘ eigentlich aus? Darüber habe ich mit dem Founding Partner von Kekst CNC, Dr. Christoph Walther, sprechen können.