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In our 9th Global Thinking podcast episode, host Eleanor Cavill is joined by colleagues from Kekst CNC’s German offices, Victoria Jodl and Dr. Jana Edelmann, for a quick chat about the rapid rise of Clubhouse in the German market, as well as the platform’s future potential. Is the audio-only social platform a trend that is here to stay?

Has the relationship between employer and employee just changed for good? In the UK, the US and parts of Europe business leaders are planning to cautiously welcome employees back to the office. But the office won’t be the same. Over the past 12 months, employees have had vastly different experiences, from happy home offices to uncomfortable and cramped shared accommodation. Many have still been going out to work, doing jobs that can’t be done from home.

The ‘blue wave’ that many pundits predicted would come in the early hours of November 4th did not immediately materialise. But does this mean that pollsters were the undisputed losers of the 2020 US election? In this episode, our host Eleanor Cavill is joined by two of Kekst CNC’s Senior Advisers, James Johnson and Tom Lubbock.


Mit seinen rund 800 Presseclubs wird die japanische Presse oft als die herausforderndste Presselandschaft der Welt bezeichnet. Unser Partner und Chairman Asien Jochen Legewie begleitet nun bereits seit über drei Jahrzehnten internationale Unternehmen erfolgreich durch die komplexe Medienlandschaft Japans. Im Podcast „Abc 4 Japan“ spricht er mit dem langjährigen Japan-Korrespondenten und Autor des Buches „Abc 4 Japan. Ein Kulturguide“ Martin Fritz darüber, was die japanische Medienlandschaft so besonders macht.

In the sixth “Global Thinking” episode, host Eleanor Cavill is joined by Andrew Berkley, Data Science Lead, Strategic Intelligence Team at the World Economic Forum and Kekst CNC Partner and Head of Digital Engagement, Lucy Cording.

In the fifth episode, our host Dominic Laurie is joined by Saeed Amidi, CEO & Founder of Plug and Play, who shares his insights from Silicon Valley’s start-up ecosystem. While most industries have come to a standstill in recent months, demand for digital companies’ offerings has skyrocketed in recent months.