Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency

Kekst CNC’s restructuring expertise covers workforce reductions, debt restructurings, divestments or occupational pension scheme funding to complex balance sheet recapitalizations, out-of-court debt reorganizations, and, in the United States, Chapter 11 restructurings – consensual (pre-packs or pre-agreed) and contested.

Distressed companies – large and small, and across nearly every industry – have consistently sought Kekst CNC’s extensive experience in navigating the communications challenges where success depends on the support of a diverse mix of stakeholders including employees and their representatives, creditors and lenders, investors, regulators, suppliers and partners. Our US-based team has been involved in many of the largest, most-complex and highest profile bankruptcies and Chapter 11 cases in history.

Our work with clients focuses on two linked but distinct areas:

  • The messages the company deploys in a restructuring; and
  • The comprehensive and multi-stakeholder communications program a debtor restructuring company needs to implement.

Our restructuring work takes us across international borders– either in terms of operations, supply chain, or different jurisdictions - where cultural and language differences often create unique communications challenges.

We have also combined our expertise in restructurings with our extensive experience in M&A to assist clients involved in U.S. Section 363 transactions, or in resisting unsolicited acquisition attempts during the bankruptcy process.

In addition to its debtor work, Kekst CNC has represented creditors or groups of creditors in the restructuring process, including adversarial situations, as well as working with key stakeholders in the largest and most visible Chapter 9 U.S. municipal restructurings.