Public Affairs

Societal and political developments have a decisive impact on business. Maintaining a steady dialogue with decision-makers and influencers of policy is critical to positioning a business strategically in this environment. In an ever more digitally connected and data-driven world, societal, political and business trends are highly interconnected and require an integrated communications and public affairs approach.

At Kekst CNC we advise our clients how to navigate the political spheres of influence of Europe. Whether in London, Stockholm, Paris, Berlin or Brussels, we offer the access, insights and intelligence required to make an impact in relevant policy circles. Our counsel supports businesses to protect their reputation and their license to operate, and helps them contribute to the debate on issues central to their interests.

Access, Insight & Intelligence

Political developments and regulatory initiatives need to be monitored and analysed constantly to enable clients to assess risks and opportunities for their business.

By combining policy and sector expertise and insights with digital tools and data-based research, we capture and analyse the regulatory and political frameworks and provide solid and reliable intelligence that helps our clients keep ahead of developments.

Stakeholder Engagement & Campaigning

Whether it is a new investment, product launch, restructuring or expansion, success will often depend on building and managing stakeholder relationships.

We utilise our under-standing and analysis of the political decision making process, our knowledge of the stakeholder and insight tools to craft positioning, engagement and campaigning strategies.


Changes in the regulatory framework, amendment of legislation and political change can impact a company’s business and the way it operates, directly or indirectly.

We advise our clients regarding political decision making and legislative processes from the beginning of an initiative to its final implementation, assisting in engagement with the relevant stakeholders.

Transaction Public Affairs

Capital market transactions such as privatizations, IPOs or M&As can have political implications. Active communication and the early involvement of political decision makers can be essential for the success of a transaction.

We help our clients develop and implement strategies to address consequences of a transaction for the relevant stakeholders, generating support or mitigating potential concerns.

EU Affairs

EU regulation is of paramount importance for setting the framework in which companies can operate in Europe.

We advise clients in the very complex EU environment, providing intelligence, strategy development, policy advice, and advocacy including stakeholder engagement and outreach to policy makers at EU and Member State level.

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