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Sustainability & ESG

It’s been an intense and fast-moving week in Glasgow. Expectations have quickly moved beyond words and pledges, and the battle against greenwashing has become a central theme. Will the event be considered a success or a noble failure?

Sustainability & ESG

Net zero commitments have filled our newspapers and news feeds over the past 12 months – and they’re fast becoming an expectation for businesses.

Public affairs

“Nothing but the truth” is a nice concept and also the title of a number of books and movies. But it is actually far more important how reality and truth are perceived.

Sustainability & ESG

Sustainability and the supply chain have been under the magnifying glass for some time now: Witness the fashion and textile industries where the 2013 collapse of the Rana Plaza building in Dhaka, Bangladesh, killed more than 1,100 workers at five garment factories.


The SPAC boom is on everyone's lips – investors, regulators and the media. A SPAC (“special purpose acquisition company”) is a shell company created for the sole purpose of raising funds from investors in an IPO, with the aim of acquiring or merging with a private company within a two-year period.

Sustainability & ESG

Capital markets are rewarding companies that explicitly account for ESG factors – and they’re also punishing organisations that get ESG wrong. While Deliveroo’s share price suffered a nearly 30% nosedive on its first day of trading, other businesses get away with lighter financial reactions from the market.