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Corporate communications

Not much more than a year has passed since the then-15 year old Swedish girl Greta Thunberg began spending her school days outside Sweden’s parliament. Holding a sign saying “School strike for climate”, she called for stronger action on global warming.

Strategic Counsel & Financial Communications

Stories are patterns that connect cause and effect. This helps us to make sense of the world around us. My own industry is built on its ability to structure and tell stories. But what makes a good one?

Crisis and Issues Management

You’ve just been alerted to a cyber security breach – sensitive customer data has been published online. In the information age we live in, this is a nightmare scenario for any business.

Corporate communications

Nowadays, networking is increasingly done via digital platforms. Does this change the character of 'networking'? And what defines 'successful networking'? These are the topics that I talked about with Dr. Christoph Walther, Founding Partner of Kekst CNC.

Corporate communications

The accessibility and connectedness that digital communications platforms offer undoubtedly lead to great efficiencies within a business. However, the long term benefits of a face-to-face meeting - the opportunity to grab a coffee or a glass of wine, share a joke or simply have a gossip – will remain essential to the success of a business.

Corporate communications

Whether it be to tune-out of your commute or to tune-in to your favourite crime drama, more and more people are working podcasts into their routine.