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Cyber Security

While recent meetings in Europe between Prime Minister Johnson and his counterparts in Brussels, Germany and France may have brought increased hope that a revised deal can be negotiated for Britain’s departure from the EU, it is still the case that a ‘No Deal’ exit remains a distinct possibility. This would see the UK leave the EU at the expiry of the Article 50 extension, at 11 p.m. on 31 October.

Crisis and Issues Management

The current political and business landscape is extremely volatile. The result? Companies are increasingly likely to face issues that can damage their reputations, destroy consumer trust, harm employee morale, and impact share price.

Cyber Security

In the last month we’ve seen airlines, online retailers and local government suffer breaches in one form or another. So while there’s clearly a pressing need for companies to improve internal resilience and security, coping with the aftermath of a breach is almost as crucial. As many technical experts will tell you – for most it is a matter of when there is a breach rather than when.

Cyber Security

We spoke to Tim Rawlins, a senior adviser at the leading global cyber assurance company, NCC Group. Top on his list of priorities: preparation, getting the fundamentals right, and always having a communications adviser on hand during a crisis.