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Andreas Grömling

Andreas is experienced in strategic communications, public relations, public affairs and crisis communications.

Before joining Kekst CNC, he worked at a Munich-based strategic communications agency.

Andreas gained further experience at the Bavarian State Parliament and has studied and worked in Japan, the latter for Bayer Health Care in Osaka.

He completed his Masters in Governance and Public Policy at the University of Passau.

Next to his German mother tongue, Andreas is fluent in English and has solid basic knowledge of Japanese and Italian.

Q&A with Andreas

What is the biggest opportunity for Kekst CNC and the communications industry?

The era of digitalization and globalization poses tremendous challenges to companies. Nowadays, reputations that have been built over decades, can be destroyed in just a moment with a short tweet and its consequences. Strategic communications and preventive crisis preparation, as well as analytics tools, are more important than ever before. Kekst CNC has the necessary expertise to help clients around the world to cope with these challenges.

What advice do you have for aspiring communications professionals?

Do not just ask what's happening, but rather take into consideration why something is happening. Thinking outside the box will help put things into a wider context, better understand interdependencies and strengthen your evaluation.

What do you like most about Kekst CNC?

Working in an international team with global offices, the variety of our challenges and the opportunity to learn something new every day.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt from a client?

To listen carefully and look closely. Sometimes the relevant information is not found in what is said, but rather in how it is said.

What charity is closest to your heart?

Rotary International. Since my student days, I have been part of Rotaract and have engaged in various social projects within the organization. Its core values and international network inspire me.


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