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Dr. Jana Edelmann

Senior Consultant
Jana advises clients in the areas of corporate communications, crisis situations and digital topics.

She has extensive experience with international reputation and positioning mandates. She is an expert in the fields of data analytics, social media strategies and influencer engagement.

Prior to joining Kekst CNC in 2016, Jana did her doctorate on change leadership in complex reform processes and spent some time in Italy as part of her dissertation project.

During her studies, she worked for the German public broadcaster Deutschlandfunk and for the dpa correspondent office in Istanbul.

In addition to her PhD, Jana holds an MA in Political Science, Intercultural Communications and Oriental Studies from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich. She also studied at Istanbul Bilgi University.

Q&A with Jana

Describe your typical day.

There is no day like the other when it comes to advising clients. That is one of the greatest assets about being a consultant; naturally, there is no routine or “we've always done it this way” mindset.

What is the biggest opportunity for Kekst CNC and the communications industry?

The digitalization and democratization of the way communications works, both on an individual and on an institutional level. There is plenty of creative leeway for breaking new ground.

What are the major industry challenges in the next 3 to 5 years?

Standing up for a reliable, trusted and factual news flow that is interesting and inspiring at the same time. Not giving into the “alternative facts” narratives.

What do you like most about Kekst CNC?

It is challenging and diverse. It is relevant. It is a great team and it’s fun.

What would be your favorite travel tip?

Travel often, doesn’t matter if far or near. The important thing is to get inspired.

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