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Mazar Masud

Mazar has advised on a variety of critical communications challenges and complex capital market and M&A transactions.

He has extensive experience in developing and executing high-impact corporate communications campaigns to help navigate critical communications challenges and achieve clients’ objectives, e.g. regarding reputation management and in the context of capital market transactions.

Mazar is a strategic communications professional with over a decade’s experience in advising clients on a range of critical communications challenges, from periods of reputation stress to corporate positioning and brand development, and from creative campaigning to high-profile M&A and IPOs.

He focuses on designing, developing and implementing high-impact and integrated communications campaigns to help achieve clients' objectives. This has involved multi-stakeholder, platform and cross-border communications campaigns for profile raising, corporate positioning and making clients 'famous'. Mazar prides himself on exceeding clients’ expectations and in effectively working with both companies’ boards and communications teams to help change perceptions, (re-)build reputations and move the dial.

Mazar read English at the University of Cambridge and, as well as English, speaks Urdu and is currently learning Arabic.

Q&A with Mazar

Describe your typical day.

No two days are the same, but I wake up early, exercise and meditate before reading all news on my clients and their sectors and then getting into the office. Depending on what’s happening during the day, I regularly communicate with my clients and stakeholders, including the press; review my to-do list and prioritize workstreams; prepare for meetings; and review progress for delivery on campaigns. The key focus is on effective and efficient delivery for my clients, ensuring that their needs are pre-empted and catered for. I like to get out and meet people face-to-face as much as possible. Before leaving the office, I ensure my to-do list for the next day is complete and try to get home to have dinner with my family and put my children to bed.

Describe yourself in three words.

Ambitious. Sincere. Easy-going.

What does success look like to you?

A smile of joy on someone else’s face.

What is the biggest opportunity for Kekst CNC and the communications industry?

Companies all over the world are facing unprecedented and rapid change in an economic, political and social environment that is redefining relationships and ideas, creating new patterns of behaviour and subjecting organisations to stress. Kekst CNC has recognized this and restructured the business to help clients address these critical challenges. As a trusted advisor that puts clients first, the firm is a strategic thinker and advisor to clients undergoing the toughest challenges. This sets us apart and our differentiation from the rest presents the biggest opportunity.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt from a client?

Think like them by putting yourself in their shoes and ensure that they are ready and able to deliver to all their stakeholders. 

Which actor/actress could play you in a movie?

Amir Khan

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