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Tina Schmitt

Senior Associate
Tina supports clients in the fields of financial, corporate and digital communications.

She has advised on some of the top recent German M&A transactions by volume, worked on several restructuring and reputation building mandates and is part of Kekst CNC’s crisis simulation team.

Tina joined Kekst CNC in the beginning of 2017 and was seconded to Kekst CNC’s London office from October until December 2018.

Prior to joining Kekst CNC, Tina gained international experience working in internal and external communications at Porsche in Singapore and Leipzig. During her studies, she worked for a communications consultancy focusing on capital markets as well as in the areas branding and product communications for fashion and lifestyle.

Tina holds a BA in Media Management and a Master’s degree in Communication Management from Leipzig University.

Q&A with Tina

Who or what inspires you?

People. Each of us has a unique and exciting story to tell that we can learn from.

What advice do you have for aspiring communications professionals?

Take advantage of the great networking opportunities our industry already offers to students. It is invaluable to build a network early on to learn and meet interesting people who can be a mentor at the right moment and who can help you with good advice.

How does working at Kekst CNC challenge you?

The best challenge in our work is that it requires continuous personal development. No subject or mandate is the same and it fascinates me to be able to learn exciting new things every single day. That is great fun!

What is the biggest opportunity for Kekst CNC and the communications industry?

The ability to transform: not only to observe change, but to drive it.

Why did you choose Kekst CNC?

The great thing about Kekst CNC is that you can take on responsibility at a very early stage. That is a challenge, but also a great opportunity and, for me personally, the biggest motivation in our job.

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