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Yasemin Sancak

HR Director for Europe & Asia
Yasemin is responsible for talent strategy and talent management at Kekst CNC.

She has more than 10 years’ experience in HR where she has been developing and implementing people strategies - mostly for fast growing global Professional Service Firms.

Yasemin is responsible for talent strategy and talent management at Kekst CNC.

She has more than 10 years’ experience in HR where she has been developing and implementing people strategies - mostly for fast growing global Professional Service Firms. As such, she has covered the entire HR-value-chain from employer branding to alumni management.

For more than 5 years, Yasemin was with one of the top strategy consultancies and recently worked - among others - for a leading market research firm. She has a track record in both multinational and intercultural work environments and truly believes in diversity as a key driver for innovation and competitiveness in today's business world.

Yasemin holds a degree in Business Administration and postgraduate qualifications in recruitment, employment law, and coaching.

Q&A with Yasemin

For how long have you been working at Kekst CNC and how has the company evolved since you joined?

I’ve been at Kekst CNC for two exciting years. In that short time, Kekst CNC has expanded its international portfolio and I’ve experienced more change than at any previous company – be that our partnership with JKL in Stockholm, our expansion in Asia or our combination with Kekst. These developments naturally presented a significant challenge for Talent Management, from which I learned a lot.

What do you like most about Kekst CNC?

The people! My colleagues are smart and creative team players from all over the world. They enjoy their work, are good listeners, and it’s inspiring to see with what passion and dedication they advise their clients.

What do you enjoy most about working at Kekst CNC? How does working at Kekst CNC challenge you?

Kekst CNC supports global companies and institutions to meet their challenges head on and make the most of every opportunity. Our customers demand and expect tailor-made solutions from us that are of the highest professional standards and that meet their individual challenges and risks. The same applies internally. At Kekst CNC, we work with a team of smart, highly educated and diverse people who have a great passion for their profession, who see themselves as designers and developers of the company and have very individual needs. In Talent Management, we are confronted daily with the task of supporting our talents in their individual development and personal success by giving them as much autonomy and freedom as possible. At the same time, we have to offer the necessary framework of processes and structures that ensure fairness and transparency. Achieving the right balance here is not always easy, but it is so important. It is the only way we can offer all our employees an environment of integrity in which trust and identification are fundamental pillars. 

Why did you choose Kekst CNC?

I was won over by Kekst CNC’s international spirit and the flexibility to really build something exciting, not to mention the common aspiration to build Kekst CNC into one of the most attractive communications consultancies in the world to work for. But most importantly, I was excited by the unique opportunity to make an impact on the success of our most valuable asset – our people!

What does success look like to you?

Freedom! Freedom, to work on things that are important to me and that challenge me intellectually. Freedom also means the chance to release your full potential. On top of that, success for me is also about having the opportunity to continually develop yourself and apply new things – particularly for topics that add value in a very concrete and meaningful way. However, it is often our failures that truly allow us to change and develop.

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