Ana Rocha


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Episode 20: How FTSE 100 CEOs Post on LinkedIn

In our first deep-dive conversation into market-specific findings from our Global CEO LinkedIn Tracker, Kekst CNC Intelligence experts Amelia Putt, Ana Rocha, and Michael White discuss how the UK's "Relatable CEO" behaves on LinkedIn, from their fondness for authenticity and connection, to surprising findings on how audiences are reacting to (or ignoring) sustainability content.

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Kekst CNC Global CEO LinkedIn Tracker

Kekst CNC’s Intelligence team analyzed thousands of LinkedIn posts from 184 CEOs around the world to gain valuable insights into how executives communicate.

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What the FTSE100 CEOs do in a Crisis

The first quarter of 2022 presented a challenging communications terrain for business leaders as the Russian invasion of Ukraine shook markets, shattered supply chains and shocked the world. Within hours, it was clear that big businesses would have a huge role to play; what they did – and what they said about what they were doing – would shape the contours of the conflict.

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