Associate in London
“Kekst CNC stood out to me for its commitment to long-term development. It's not a place where you're in and out within a couple of years.”

What was your journey to Kekst CNC?

Whilst studying Politics and Sociology at Manchester University, I really enjoyed writing my dissertation and getting into the nitty-gritty of a project. With that in mind, I wanted to find a job where it would give me space to learn and really develop myself - develop my writing skills, cultivate a global perspective, and just be a be able to immerse myself fully with the task at hand.

Kekst CNC stood out to me for its commitment to long-term development. Unlike some other firms where employees may feel disposable after a short stint, Kekst CNC offers a sense of longevity. It's not a place where you're in and out within a couple of years, climbing a predetermined ladder. Instead, there's a culture of investment in employees' growth, evidenced by the number of Partners I meet that started as interns. It ensures that the core values and culture of Kekst CNC remain intact, fostering a stable and supportive environment for all employees.

How would you describe the work when you started as an intern? What were your initial impressions?

At Kekst CNC, the welcoming atmosphere helped me find my feet quickly. Instead of being the new kid on the block, I felt valued and included from the start. The stimulating work pushed me beyond my background in public affairs and political studies. I found myself delving into unfamiliar territory, becoming a “novice expert” in various industries simultaneously.

I was supported every step of the way, thanks to a wonderful PDA. She played a crucial role in helping me navigate any initial feelings of imposter syndrome that often accompany starting a new job, encouraging me to embrace new challenges and actively seek opportunities for growth. Thanks to her mentorship, I felt confident stepping out of my comfort zone and seizing every chance to learn and contribute!

As an intern, were you provided opportunities to delve deeply into various aspects of the work?

Absolutely. One of the most rewarding aspects was the opportunity to venture into new areas, such as financial and sustainability communications. I found the work I did to support COP28 particularly exciting. I embraced the research aspect and collaborated closely with both the design and marketing teams to enhance the COP28 maps we would use for external and internal purposes. Being involved in meetings with Partners and taking part in calls with the entire Dubai team on a global scale was incredibly rewarding. And this momentum has continued; just this week, I was strategizing with our Dubai team about COP29 later this year.

I feel incredibly lucky that I’ve had the opportunity to establish myself as a go-to resource for the materials we compiled. It's gratifying to have built a reputation within the firm based on something I both enjoyed, and our team succeeded in.

What do you enjoy most about your current role as an associate, and how have your responsibilities expanded?

What stands out to me most about my current role as an Associate is the increased level of responsibility I've taken on. I've gained a lot of clarity on my roles and responsibilities concerning advancing our clients' accounts. Whether it's crafting strategies tailored to their needs or positioning them for key events and media opportunities, I now feel equipped to make substantial contributions. This deeper involvement with my clients has granted me a greater sense of ownership and agency in my work. It's incredibly rewarding to actively participate in client meetings and has significantly strengthened my integration within the team.

So far, what do you enjoy most about working at Kekst CNC?

I really value our horizontal business model, which allows us to work seamlessly across different global markets, a unique feature not often found in many communications firms. This integration of perspectives and cultures has become integral to our work, ensuring that we can provide clients with a comprehensive viewpoint.

I’ve been fortunate enough to connect with colleagues from differing markets, whether through visits to our Stockholm office or engaging in our on-campus learning and development workshops in London. These experiences have allowed me to build on personal connections and grasp the cohesion within Kekst CNC across our global organization, which I hugely value – especially post-pandemic.

I started university in the midst of the 2020 lockdown, meaning the whole of my first year was totally online. As I didn’t know any differently during my first year, transitioning into in-person interactions in my second year highlighted the importance of face-to-face connections. While remote working is undoubtedly a significant benefit and allows Kekst CNC to work the way that it does, I find great value in being in the office, surrounded by diverse perspectives and gaining insight from experienced colleagues.

What are your first impressions of client work?

Engaging in client work has undoubtedly allowed me to explore a different side of my professional growth. I've gained invaluable insights into refining my writing style and honing strategic thinking skills. But it's the face-to-face interactions with clients that truly underscore the importance of networking.

Right from the start, my team has been incredibly supportive, actively encouraging me to meet with our clients at the earliest opportunity, which has provided an invaluable context for our discussions and fostered a deeper understanding of their needs, allowing us to stay a step ahead.

Where do you see yourself fitting in the communications landscape?

Sustainability initially captivated my interest, particularly through my involvement in COP-related projects. However, I’d like to be open to the possibility that my path may evolve over time. For example, I have loved working with the Impact team on their work with raising corporate and executive’s profiles. The prospect of not being confined to a singular role upon arrival is a particularly special characteristic of working here, allowing me to continuously grow within the firm as I explore the different capabilities Kekst CNC offers.