Litigation Support

We work closely with clients and  legal teams to protect a company’s reputation, ensuring that its position in a dispute or investigation is understood, and its communications support legal strategy.

Legal disputes and regulatory investigations can have profoundly long-lasting effects on reputation.

Such matters can appear complex and arcane to external and internal stakeholders. Communications plays a significant role in establishing context and translating arguments into language the court of public opinion understands.  

This requires a thorough understanding of the company, its objectives in the dispute, the larger business environment, and stakeholder sentiment.

Our Approach

Central to our role as counselor is vast experience, intellectual curiosity, dedication, and a sense of nuance and empathy. We think broadly about the implications of the dispute and prepare ahead of developments with thoughtful strategies, messaging, and tactics.

We have counseled clients around the globe in a multitude of commercial and criminal cases, such as civil litigation and arbitration; product liability and claims for compensation; governmental and regulatory issues; criminal proceedings; patent law; antitrust investigations; national security reviews and other areas.

We pride ourselves on adding value to and working well with the interdisciplinary teams involved.

Our Capabilities

For decades, Kekst CNC professionals have been involved in some of the most high-profile litigation matters, working against some of the most aggressive counterparties as well as some of the most media-savvy plaintiffs’ lawyers.

Our capabilities include:

Situation Analysis

Ascertain public perception of the relevant parties and the matter under scrutiny.

Stakeholder Mapping

Identify all relevant audiences, their sentiments, and the best communication paths to reach them.

Comprehensive Communications Plan

Design plan to support legal and business objectives.

Content Development

Develop all required messaging and communications materials, such as active and/or reactive messaging, timelines, proof points, public statements/press releases, Q&As, speeches, and op-eds.

Objectives and Scenario Planning

Anticipate all scenarios and create the corresponding communications strategy, tactics, and messaging to achieve the client’s objectives.

Media Relations

Analyze media landscape to set priorities and develop strategy and tactics to ensure that the company’s position is understood and reflected in media coverage.

Our Experts

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Thomas J. Davies Partner
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Thomas Empt Director
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Richard Campbell Partner
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Dr. Jochen Legewie Partner, Chairman Asia
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Helena Norrman Partner
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Jeffrey Z. Taufield Vice Chairman, Partner
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Torben Gosau Partner and Head of the Berlin Office
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