Restructuring Pressure

The Role of Communications in Addressing Rising UK Insolvencies emphasizes the critical need for effective communication during times of financial distress, as transparent and proactive engagement helps maintain trust and confidence, ultimately contributing to a smoother and more successful restructuring process amid the increasing insolvency crisis in the UK.


Navigating Operational Restructuring in France

Kekst CNC's Camille Apelbaum outlines restructuring guidelines which, together with adherence to the strictly codified legal process, will help navigate challenging situations, protect corporate reputation, and preserve the license to operate.


Decoding the State of the Union: Top Takeaways for Business Leaders

Kekst CNC's public affairs experts provide an analysis of the most business-relevant aspects of President Biden's election-year State of the Union.


Choppy Waters Meet Buoyant Markets

In 2024, optimistic expectations for the Gulf’s transaction pipeline and privatization efforts are meeting regional instability – requiring careful strategic communications.


Reduction vs. Removal: The Emissions Policy Dilemma

When we look back, we may see 2023 as the defining year for climate change. It was also declared the hottest year on record and witnessed some of the worst climate-driven catastrophes.


Munich Security Index 2024

Kekst CNC and the Munich Security Conference collaborate on data surrounding the perception of risk worldwide.

Climate Transition

Read the latest developments from Kekst CNC on addressing the defining challenge of our time: achieving a low-carbon future.

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