Science and Innovation

We translate science in a way that builds reputations.

Businesses are becoming increasingly defined by their relationships with the science surrounding their operations. When properly harnessed, innovation and research can be a key driver of corporate reputation across many industries.

We communicate the value of our clients’ scientific research, helping them solicit capital, cut through the noise, attract top talent, forge new partnerships, and enhance their reputations.

Our Approach

We put innovation at the center of our clients’ brands to help them gain a competitive advantage. From increasing awareness about a new technology to educating stakeholders about business-critical issues, we help our clients make science and innovation relevant, engaging, and accessible to the audiences that matter.

Our experienced team supports businesses across all industries to demonstrate science and innovation leadership. We develop science communications solutions tailored to our clients’ needs, whether it is ensuring new research findings are given exposure or creating strategic engagement platforms that position long-term innovation strategies.

Our Capabilities

Our capabilities include:

Science and Innovation Narratives

Develop insight-led innovation narratives that showcase the relevance of strategic science and R&D initiatives. We highlight innovation within our clients’ communications to demonstrate how R&D drives value for their business and society at large.

Science and Innovation Communications and Stakeholder Outreach

We develop strategies that position the innovation at the heart of our clients’ business and bring their science narratives to life. By launching campaigns with the right strategic partners to tell relevant science stories across earned, owned, and paid media, we engage the audiences that that matter most, helping to show stakeholders what research and innovation means for the future of our world.

Investor-Focused Scientific Communications

Identify the innovation initiatives that are central to a company’s long-term goals around earnings and annual report season. Ensure financial audiences understand the transformative potential of R&D and innovation activities.

CEO and Leadership Innovation Positioning

Position business executives to take on roles as thought leaders in the R&D and innovation space. Equip leaders to engage with a range of key stakeholders – from the media to scientific partners – on complex scientific topics that have significant societal relevance. 

Our Experts

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Henrik Nilsson Director
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Jessica Devonport Senior Consultant
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