Research, Analytics and Insights

Through research, data, and insight, we find smart solutions to our clients’ problems.

Today’s communications landscape is interlinked — channels overlap and messages flow freely, driving opinion, sentiment, and discussion.

As trusted advisors, we need to be confident in the factors contributing to those opinions and the discourse impacting our clients. We supplement critical judgment with evidence to make informed decisions that are stress-tested and proven by data and research.

Our Approach

We offer best-in-class, end-to-end global research created by communicators, for communicators. We leverage market-leading tools, proprietary approaches, and strategic partnerships to generate world-class insights, answering business-critical questions and proactively identifying opportunities for businesses and leaders.

Our on-the-ground presence is agile, informed by best practices, and scalable according to specific market needs.

Our research and analytics capabilities work as fully embedded components of every global team. We integrate relevant brand, industry, and audience insight into ongoing communications counsel — cutting through noise, identifying trends, and understanding patterns. And we pride ourselves on a singular focus on actionable data, from strategy through to execution.

Our Capabilities

Through our tools and experts, we analyze and visualize collective intelligence to help answer strategic communications questions, such as: What are my brand’s key reputational assets or vulnerabilities? Who are my advocates and detractors? Have we met our KPIs?

Put simply, we help our clients:

Identify Reputational Risks, Vulnerabilities, and Opportunities

We conduct online vulnerability assessments, market trend analyses, and peer visibility benchmarks, and combine them with due diligence research to determine the exact areas our clients need to attend to the most.

Measure Audience, Stakeholder, and Community Sentiment

Covering stakeholder identification and mapping, investor perception surveys, and primary audience market research in the form of interviews, focus groups, panels, and surveys.

Assess Performance, Reach, and Impact

Our clients benefit from granular analysis of varied forms of media, content, and other digital assets, which inform comprehensive analytics offerings into a company’s scope of influence.

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Our Experts

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Kevin Soady Partner
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Antonio Ortolani Partner, Global Head of Research
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Piotr Pillardy Research Principal
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