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Episode 12: The Journey from Start-Up to Corporate

Much of the messaging startups craft to communicate their vision is drawn from the company’s conditions in its infancy. But how do the goals of these startups change with their transition into mid-sized and/or corporate entities, and how do they best communicate themselves to the market as they evolve? In the 12th episode of Kekst CNC’s Global Thinking podcast, we join Alexander Kappes, Founder and CEO of Greener Crop; Julie Leblan, Founder and CEO of Merit Incentives; and Kekst CNC’s Valentina von Lutterotti, Director and RISE expert for a conversation on how startups can prepare themselves to communicate their growth and ambitions, including: best practices for maintaining media relationships, managing expectations in the market, and thoughtful ways to handle people communications as your company expands.

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Kekst CNC baut Standort Berlin weiter aus

München / Berlin, 12. Januar 2022 – Kekst CNC, eine der führenden internationalen Beratungen für strategische Kommunikation, reagiert auf den zunehmenden Bedarf an Public- Affairs-Beratung und die steigende Nachfrage von Tech-, Start-up- und Scale-up-Unternehmen. Deshalb verstärkt sich das Berliner Büro mit gleich drei erfahrenen Kommunikations- und Politikexpert:innen: Dr. Franz Solms-Laubach, Angelika El-Noshokaty und Dr. Joachim Pfeiffer.

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COP26 Public Opinion Survey

A week after the dust has settled on what could be the most pivotal United Nations Climate Change conference in history, the jury still seems to be out on the success of COP26.

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FTSE100 CEO Social Index

CEO communication is paramount for corporate reputation. However, almost half of FTSE100 CEOs are not actively present on social media. Our FTSE100 CEO Social Index aims to analyze how CEOs are currently using social media, with a focus on identifying what works and what learnings communication managers can leverage from what others are doing.

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COP26 Commentary

It’s been an intense and fast-moving week in Glasgow. Expectations have quickly moved beyond words and pledges, and the battle against greenwashing has become a central theme. Will the event be considered a success or a noble failure?

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COVID-19 Opinion Tracker - Edition 9

The ninth iteration of Kekst CNC’s international tracking survey reveals a step-change in attitudes towards coronavirus, with more people saying governments should now prioritise protecting their economies, even at the expense of limiting the spread of the virus.