In today’s cyber threat landscape, we help our clients maintain control of the narrative in the event of a cyberattack, minimizing reputational damage and preserving the trust of stakeholders.

Cybersecurity consistently ranks as one of the most business-critical challenges facing boards and senior management.

In a rapidly evolving cyber-risk environment, it is no longer a matter of if, but when a company will face an attack. Organizations must be ready – or risk significant reputational and financial impact.

Our Approach

We leverage our experience to identify vulnerabilities, prepare for high-impact events, communicate through uncertainty, and minimize reputational damage when under attack.

Preserving stakeholder trust is key. We prepare and deploy a calibrated response designed to explain your position, strike the right tone, defend enterprise credibility, mitigate business disruption, and provide confidence that the organization has control of the situation and the interests of the affected parties in mind.

Our global team of experts is available at a moment’s notice to provide 24/7 support. We understand the landscape, speak the language, and are experienced working alongside legal and forensic advisors to develop robust communications that minimize reputational damage and avoid unforced errors.

Our Capabilities

Our proven approach to cyber communications:


We evaluate internal structures, protocols, and the current threat landscape to inform tailored planning and training programs. Our proprietary program of cyber risk assessment, plan development, and scenario testing/training ensures quick and effective response and remediation, no matter what type of incident arises.


We work closely with management, communications, legal teams, and outside advisors to develop a comprehensive disclosure and engagement strategy.

When a cyber event occurs, we are ready at a moment’s notice to step in with an experienced team that can provide communications support 24/7 at every level, including strategy development and support; materials drafting; media and social media management; and digital monitoring, research, and analysis.


As an incident winds down, we help our clients determine the appropriate time and manner to return to the normal course of business. We work to understand when to transition the narrative and how to turn “lessons learned” into thought leadership opportunities. We also evaluate SEO/digital footprints, and facilitate post-mortems to incorporate into future communication and business planning.

Our Experts

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