People Communications

We enable businesses to leverage communications to attract, hire, and retain the best people.

An organization is only as strong as the sum of its people and the expertise they possess.

Today, we are witnessing a revolution in the skills needed to adapt and grow. Our team of experts develop strategies that enable clients to identify, attract, and, most importantly, retain the very best talent.  

Our Approach

Using a combination of digital tools and expert knowledge, we provide data-driven insights to deliver practical and impactful engagement strategies, tools, and communications solutions to enable clients to engage and secure the people they need.

Our experienced team has a proven history of supporting some of the world’s largest employers with every aspect of people communication, from launching scaled hiring campaigns to managing leadership changes and communicating future working models. Our expertise lies in taking a data- and research-driven approach, producing creative solutions tailored to clients’ individual commercial priorities and cultivating long-term working client relationships.  

Our Capabilities

We have deep knowledge and experience in using communications to help our clients deliver on their people strategies. 

Our capabilities include:

Enhancing Employer Reputation and Image

Building, managing, and protecting a differentiated employer reputation through a multitude of channels to ensure clients attract, recruit, and retain the very best talent.

Managing and Responding to Workplace Issues

Preparing for workplace issues that directly impact employee bases and businesses. Expertly managing incidents and preventing future issues through risk audits, training and simulations, manual and materials development, and response and recovery support.

Navigating the Transformation Process

Taking a proactive and thoughtful approach to change and transformation management. Ensuring that internal communication supports the process effectively, including during post-merger integration, redundancy and closures, and reorganization processes.

Effectively Communicating Employer Stories

Reinforcing and enhancing clients’ employer brands through the development and refinement of a unique value proposition. Ensuring that core narratives and key messages help clients to attract and retain the right talent.

Integrating Digital Tools to Drive Talent Attraction Value

Drawing on data, analytics, research, and insights to develop informed strategic approaches to talent attraction strategy and campaigning.

Developing and Executing Talent Attraction Campaigns

Creating and delivering strategic attraction and recruitment campaigns, using employee advocacy, thought leadership, and creative content and copy.

Our Experts

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Liam Clark Partner
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Natali Brandis Partner
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Lissa Perlman Partner
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Andrew Blecher Partner
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Lucy Cording Partner & Head of Digital Engagement
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Michael Kinirons Director
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Annabel Mander Head of Knowledge Management and Collaboration Manager
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Ben Curson Partner
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Callum Laidlaw Partner
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Claire Maloney Partner
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Dominic Reynolds Director
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Dr. Jochen Legewie Partner, Chairman Asia
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Henrik Nilsson Director
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Thomas Empt Director
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