Initial Public Offerings

We offer companies across sectors, regions, and transaction sizes a unique and proven approach to IPO communications – from start-up to grown-up.

An IPO is one of the most intense, high-profile events a company will ever undertake.

A complex set of participants, a rigid process, potential external detractors, and a new universe of stakeholders all need to be managed. Strategic communications help tailor the equity story, build support for the offering, and sustain momentum for life as a listed company.

Our Approach

We help craft a strong equity story that resonates with institutional investors, while guiding clients through the rigorous IPO process – from filing, the roadshow, listing day, to post-IPO communications and beyond.

Kekst CNC is the global leader in advising clients on IPOs and secondary fundraisings. Our team has advised companies in over 40 countries, helping them and their advisors raise well over $200 billion.

Our Capabilities

Kekst CNC has deep expertise spanning the entire IPO process:

Preparation and Profile Raising

Develop integrated communications strategies designed to deliver eloquent messages, a defined strategy, competitive advantages, and benchmarks for success – all while leveraging close relationships with leading IPO commentators.

Transaction Phase

Create and implement a best-in-class media strategy while formulating and executing the multiple facets of internal and external communications throughout the IPO process, leading up to (and including) listing day.

Sustaining Momentum and Building a World-Class Investor Relations Function

Kekst CNC supports companies as they embark on life as a publicly traded entity. Our team will continue to advise on media interactions, work on building strong executive profiles, and maintaining a premier investor relations function. Elements include thought leadership, press announcements, annual reporting, and conference participation.

Our Experts

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Daniel Yunger Partner
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Knut Engelmann Partner, Head of the Frankfurt office
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Malin Lundin Director
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Lyndsey Estin Partner
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Bernhard Meising Co-Chief Executive Officer, Partner
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Arnaud Salla Partner
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Kerry Kelly Partner
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Kevin Soady Partner
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Oliver Mann Partner
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