Consultant in Stockholm
“I’m passionate about financial communications. As a financial communications advisor, I work closely with leading Swedish and international companies and help them communicate effectively with key stakeholders. Recently, I worked on a Swedish IPO for Nasdaq Stockholm. It was exciting to be part of this large milestone for the client. Both management and the board appreciated our strategic support and guidance, and how we prepared and equipped them for a successful start on the stock exchange.”

I joined Kekst CNC in 2019 after working abroad as an intern at the Swedish consulate in New York and at an NGO in Chile. During my Master’s degree in Business and Management at Uppsala University, I found my passion for business, politics and consultancy.

The most rewarding aspect of working at Kekst CNC is to work closely with talented clients at exciting Swedish and international companies and help them succeed with their communication. I really appreciate working on mandates with all my ambitious and smart colleagues. Starting off in a junior role, we were always encouraged to take on project leading roles and to take responsibility from day one. It shows how much Kekst CNC values its employees.

I find it very interesting to advise clients on how to translate complex business issues and events into efficient communication strategies that build trust and value for all stakeholders. At Kekst CNC, we work with a wide range of mandates. Of all our expertise areas, I’m most passionate about Financial Communications. As a financial communications advisor, I can make a real impact and support our clients with valuable expertise, such as communication around IPOs, M&A and Annual reports, as well as Public Affairs and Sustainability. The projects are dynamic and fast moving, so you really get to see the results of your work!

I recently worked on a successful Swedish IPO for Nasdaq Stockholm. It was exciting to be a part of such an important step for a company, and the management and board truly appreciated the strategic support and guidance that we gave them and how we thought of different approaches, perspectives and stakeholders to prepare and equip them for what’s next. It’s really rewarding!

In many of the mandates, we collaborate with other experienced advisors. It offers great opportunities to establish contacts in the financial industry and work with people from different fields. Even though women are still underrepresented in the finance industry, Kekst CNC does a great job with gender equality and presents a workplace with many inspiring female leaders.       

My career advice for someone starting their career within communications would be to dare to express ideas from an early stage and to be curious. A strong client focus is also crucial. I always try to be one step ahead and go the extra mile to make our clients feel important. At Kekst CNC, we all have great opportunities to become trusted advisors and take exciting steps in our careers.

Outside of work, I enjoy travelling and I’m excited to get back to exploring new places and getting new perspectives. That’s another thing I really appreciate about Kekst CNC, the ability to work with so many colleagues from across the globe and to visit our different offices. It allows us to combine our different experiences and knowledge to better serve our clients.

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