Research 11 May 2020

COVID-19 Opinion Tracker - Edition 2

The second edition of our international COVID-19 Opinion Tracker shows that the public continues to prioritise health over the economy in most countries.

The survey findings have significant implications for business leaders as well as policy-makers around the world. It shows that even compared to just a month ago, people are expecting the impact of COVID-19 to last longer.

This has obvious implications upon how people expect to change their behaviour after the pandemic. It is very likely that travel is set to reduce, as is going to concerts and largescale events – even if a successful vaccine is found and rolled out.

The pandemic is also challenging the way in which people view the future. The majority want to see a reorganized economy after the crisis and are looking for a more caring, compassionate society, something that is an important consideration for all companies as they look to the future.

Download the full report:

Access the full data tables for fieldwork in the UK, the U.S., Germany, Sweden and Japan.

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Responding to COVID-19

Kekst CNC is monitoring the COVID-19 events in real time, and we have compiled resources to help our clients communicate in a timely and effective way with employees, customers, investors and other key stakeholders around the world. Please continue to monitor the Responding to COVID-19 hub for updates.