Podcast 04 June 2020

Episode 2: Reporting the News During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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04 June 2020 | 19 min 35 sec 

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The COVID-19 crisis is the focus for almost every company across the world. That is also true for media organizations. At very few times in modern human history has the news agenda been dominated by a single story for so long. This poses great challenges for news organizations geared towards entertaining readers and viewers through diverse stories. Moreover, outlets are having to tell that single story under difficult working conditions.

In this episode, our host Dominic Laurie is joined by Joe Miller, Frankfurt Correspondent for the Financial Times, Nadine Hani, Business Anchor at Al Arabiya based in Dubai, and Suryatapa Bhattacharya, who is a financial markets reporter with The Wall Street Journal in Tokyo. They discuss how the nature of a story has changed, the stresses of the move from physical to virtual newsrooms, and how this crisis has changed the face of news forever.