Podcast 07 July 2020

Episode 3: Approaching the Asian Media – An Insider’s Guide

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07 July 2020 | 11 min 35 sec


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Asia’s unique media landscape is often deemed unfamiliar territory for Western audiences. Drawing on our global network, in our latest episode host Dominic Laurie is joined by colleagues from across our Asian offices in Japan, Hong Kong and China, who share their insights and experience of their home media and the landscape they operate in. Jochen Legewie, Partner and Head of Kekst CNC’s Japan office, Senior Consultant Minako Otani in Japan, Partner and Head of the firm’s Hong Kong office Daniel Del Re, and Consultant Nicole Liu in Hong Kong offer their take on the unique world of Asian media, exploring the significance of etiquette and engagement, and the behemoth that is social media. Listen here as they delve into differing work practices, the fundamental importance of relationship building, and why you may want to think again before sending the Japanese media your press release.