Apr 09 2020
Kekst CNC further strengthens its global market research offer

London, 9 April 2020 – Kekst CNC, the global strategic communications consultancy, today announced that it has considerably strengthened its market research offer with the hiring of James Johnson and Dr Tom Lubbock, two of the UK’s most respected new generation of researchers. James and Tom will work alongside Kekst CNC’s existing global research, data and analytics team to better support the strategic decision making of Kekst CNC’s clients around the world, and to more effectively measure the impact of messaging and campaigns.

Prior to establishing their own firm, J.L. Partners, which has been focusing on research for US and European-based clients, James and Tom built and ran the research programme at 10 Downing Street and Conservative Campaign Headquarters (CCHQ) respectively. James served as the Senior Opinion Research and Strategy Adviser to Prime Minister Theresa May, while Tom ran analytics and polling at Conservative Campaign Headquarters (CCHQ). They will become Senior Advisers at Kekst CNC based in the firm’s London office, offering a global research capability to clients.

Research at Kekst CNC now combines a suite of qualitative and quantitative products and consulting services, fully integrated into the firm’s global data and analytics offer, currently used by more than 100 organisations across the world. New research products will cover public, employee, investor and other specialist audiences with a particular focus on identifying the opportunities and risks facing clients.


“Organisations increasingly need agile, evidence-based communications to help them navigate today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business environment. We are already delivering data driven insights to clients each and every day and have significantly scaled up our global data and analytics capability over the last three years. We can now offer an even more complete range of research services that will help our clients to make better decisions and which can support the further development of our firm. We have worked with James and Tom for some time and recognise that they are two of the brightest talents in the world of research”

Kevin Soady Partner

“We have been looking for the opportunity to build a global research offer, servicing businesses and their leaders. Kekst CNC is an ambitious firm where data and analytics skills are already well established in every office and embedded into the strategic offer. We see significant potential to build the market’s leading research capability and are delighted to have the opportunity to join Kekst CNC”

James Johnson