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Callum Laidlaw

Callum is a reputation specialist with extensive experience on advising corporates on policy, issues preparedness and crisis management.

He has worked with businesses across the globe to address challenges that range from corporate repositioning to addressing changes in legislation.

He has worked with businesses across the globe to address challenges that range from corporate repositioning to addressing changes in legislation.

“Our culture celebrates and encourages consultants to be innovative, collaborative and to develop broader networks. It recognizes that well-rounded individuals make the best advisors and helps them achieve their goals.”

Callum has worked in the communications industry for over 12 years after starting his career as a government policy advisor.

He has worked with many global multi-nationals from energy and industrials to FMCGs and property, with a focus on reputation management and public affairs.

At Kekst CNC, Callum has helped lead on the development of our crisis simulation and cybersecurity offer globally. An expert in crisis management, Callum has drafted numerous crisis manuals and run many training exercises.

He has strong political connections and expertise as an elected Councillor and former Parliamentary Candidate, and has experience working in London, Edinburgh and Dubai.

Callum graduated from the University of St Andrews with an MA in International Relations.


Crisis Management and Preparedness

  • Conducted multiple physical and virtual crisis simulation exercises using the Situation Room tool for clients across industries and markets in the UK and overseas.
  • Supported clients through crises including food contamination, industrial incidents, site closures and multi-market recalls of potentially hazardous products.
  • Conducted after-action reviews of issues management processes.

Public Affairs

  • Worked closely with Kekst CNC Brussels to guide clients on how to respond to EU legislation in the FMCG, TMT and energy sectors.
  • Advised clients on navigating the UK political landscape, with a particular focus on local government and communities.


  • Developed breach response partnerships with leading insurers and law firms and ran training sessions in conjunction with cyber forensics provider NCC.
  • Supported multiple corporates through the breach response and notification process including media, customer, regulator and political communications.

Corporate Reputation and Positioning

  • Advised clients in the commodities and manufacturing sector on the development of sustainable procurement and traceability strategies.
  • Supported clients in FMCGs, energy and professional services in developing thought leadership and positioning senior team members as sector leaders.
  • Developed content platforms and multi-media strategies to establish credibility and attract talent.



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Remember to Protect Your Reputation as Well as Your Data

Saturday, January 28th was the 16th annual Data Protection Day. While you may not have remembered the day, the chances are you are increasingly conscious of the need to protect your data and that which your business manages for others.

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Europe Readies Itself for a Cyber Winter

For European Cybersecurity Month, Kekst CNC spoke to President of the Munich Security Conference Foundation Council, Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger about key trends in cyber and data security.

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Avoiding a Cyber Nightmare Before Christmas

While 2020 is likely to be a year many would prefer to forget, the changes it has brought to our lives are likely to have lasting effects, even after COVID-19 is finally put to rest. One area of change has been work: Post-pandemic, half of British employees are demanding flexible working arrangements, with 30% prepared to quit should their employer demand a full-time return to the office, according to Kekst CNC’s COVID-19 Opinion Tracker.

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