Podcast 38 min read 04 October 2022

Episode 15: Transitioning to a Net Zero Future


The world has committed to a net zero path, setting ambitious goals for 2050 as part of the Paris Agreement. Yet while many companies over recent years have made bold commitments to change the way they do business, it’s often not clear how they’ll achieve their targets.

So, how do leaders tell a coherent story to demonstrate that their company is adapting to this future? How can they bring their employees, investors, and other key stakeholders along with them? And how will the role of communicators adapt?

Global Thinking host Eleanor Cavill is joined by Mark Campanale, Founder & Executive Chairman of Carbon Tracker Initiative, and Oliver Buckley, Director at Kekst CNC, to discuss a variety of topics concerning the journey to net zero, including opportunities on the path to a low carbon future, the pace of the transition, and expectations for next month's COP27.