Podcast 18 March 2021

Episode 8: One Year Later: What are the New Rules for a Changed Workforce?

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18 March 2021 | 31 min 17 sec


Has the relationship between employer and employee just changed for good?

In the UK, the US and parts of Europe business leaders are planning to cautiously welcome employees back to the office. But the office won’t be the same. Over the past 12 months, employees have had vastly different experiences, from happy home offices to uncomfortable and cramped shared accommodation. Many have still been going out to work, doing jobs that can’t be done from home.

So what does that mean for the relationship between employer and employee from here? Traditional ideas around communication, productivity, wellbeing and recruitment have been turned on their heads since March 2020. What happens now?

For the latest edition of Kekst CNC’s Global Thinking podcast, host Eleanor Cavill explores the new rules for a changed workforce with Charlotte Eaton, Chief People Officer at OVO Energy and Joseph Heppenstall, Group Head of Talent & Resourcing at the defence technology company QinetiQ.