Event 18 April 2019

Exploring Activism At The Deal Corporate Governance 2019 Conference

When it comes to American activism, is your company prepared? Kekst CNC recently attended The Deal Corporate Governance in Europe Conference, to answer that exact question. Both Tom Davies and Harry Kinzler from Kekst CNC participated in the first panel discussion of the day exploring American shareholder activism. Discussions focused on the increase of U.S. activists targeting European companies, how they operate differently from EU insurgents, what companies can do proactively to prepare and protect themselves, and what to do when an activist shareholder comes calling.

After the panel discussion, Tom took part in a one-to-one interview with The Deal, exploring the subject in further detail. This touched upon his extensive experience in M&A and activism spanning over 30 years, including how activism differs between the U.S. and Europe, and why Europe has become a land of new opportunities.

You can view specific parts of the video using the YouTube links below:
Q1: Tom Davies on the difference between European and American activism
Q2: How can companies prepare for shareholder activism?
Q3: What makes Europe an interesting market for U.S. shareholder activists?
Q4: Are companies reacting sensibly to activists or are they ill-prepared?
Q5: Tom Davies on the steps a company can take when dealing with shareholder activism
Q6: Tom Davies shares a shareholder activism campaign Kekst CNC has been involved in