Research 23 April 2024

Nuclear Is Back. Should We Be Talking About It More?

Nuclear power is experiencing a renaissance. International policymakers are renewing their commitments to nuclear energy, with ambitious plans to triple global production by 2050.

However, a survey conducted by Kekst CNC in the UK reveals a significant lack of understanding among the public about nuclear power's role in society. Concerns about safety, climate impact, and energy independence persist. Additionally, there's a lack of awareness about the current role of nuclear in the UK's energy mix and of emerging technologies like small modular reactors (SMRs). With energy security and climate change becoming urgent issues due to geopolitical events, it's crucial that the nuclear sector communicates effectively to build support and dispel misinformation.

This blog underscores the need for more public discourse about nuclear energy's role in our future.

Research carried out in partnership with Find Out Now.

Nuclear is back. Should we be talking about it more?

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