Research 15 min read 12 February 2024

Munich Security Index 2024

Since its inception in 2021, the Munich Security Index (MSI) has been a vital tool in understanding global risk perceptions. Produced in partnership between the Munich Security Conference and Kekst CNC, the MSI aims to answer crucial questions, such as whether the world is becoming riskier, the grave risks humanity faces, and how prepared societies are to tackle these threats.

The Munich Security Index 2024 surveyed 12,000 individuals in all G7 and BRICS nations except Russia, but including Ukraine, providing valuable insights into attitudes and perceptions of critical issues.

Key themes emerging from this year’s Munich Security Index include rising global anxiety about artificial intelligence, increased concern over cyberattacks, and climate change returning to the top of global perceived risks. Furthermore, there is a heightened sense of unease regarding disinformation campaigns, particularly in the United States, as the world approaches a crucial election year.

In an increasingly volatile world, it is important to understand attitudes and perceptions of critical issues from country-specific perspectives. The Munich Security Index’s findings serve to benefit businesses and governments by promoting a greater understanding of customers, clients, employees, and other relevant stakeholders in some of the largest markets in the world.

The Index is included in the annual Munich Security Report, where other results from our polling also feature prominently. The full report is available for download here.

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The Munich Security Index 2024 is part of the Munich Security Report 2024.