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Julian Hill

Julian has more than 13 years’ experience in corporate communications, reputation management and innovation communications.

He leads Kekst CNC’s Science & Innovation global service area and runs complex communications mandates for a range of multinational clients.

Julian has more than 13 years’ experience in corporate communications and reputation management and is responsible for leading Kekst CNC’s Science & Innovation global service area.

His expertise ranges from running in-depth crisis training programs to planning multi-market strategic communications campaigns with Management Teams, Boards and functional leadership.

Through Kekst CNC’s Science & Innovation offer, Julian helps industry-leading companies as well as high-growth businesses gain competitive advantage from their innovation activities. This involves developing insight-led innovation narratives that resonate with audiences that matter and bringing them to life through strategic partnerships, experiential activation and global media campaigns. 

Julian’s industry experience spans FMCG, food, agriculture, technology, health, life sciences and energy.



Corporate Reputation and Positioning

  • Led reputation campaigns to support and position companies to enter new markets, launch new strategic initiatives and thrive through significant moments of transformation.
  • Developed narratives and campaigns to help companies articulate their role in the world and their position on business-critical topics.

Science and Innovation Communications

  • Developed pioneering science and innovation communications strategies for a range of industry-leading companies and high-growth businesses.
  • Extensive experience planning, building and executing innovation campaigns, including the selection and management of global partnerships and the launch of corporate innovation programs.
  • Advised clients on the communication of breakthrough scientific findings in partnership with industry and academic partners.

Crisis Communications

  • Led several global ‘After Action Reviews’ – a forensic analysis taskforce reviewing complex and multi-market crises to help businesses learn from the incident and kick start a recovery process.
  • Developed crisis communications training plans, as well as incident manuals and activist toolkits to enable companies to take a proactive issues management approach.
  • Advised and guided clients through a range of sensitive crises situations, from product recalls to cyber breaches.



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