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Katherine Fennell

Senior Consultant
Katherine specializes in financial communications. She has advised numerous high profile clients on capital market communications, with a particular focus on financial reporting and IPOs.

She has extensive experience in investor relations best practice and special situations, e.g. Corporate Governance, Shareholder Targeting and Activism.

Katherine first gained investor relations experience at Makinson Cowell, a leading advisor to FTSE100 and FTSE250 Boards and then at Edison Group,  where she focused on developing and implementing effective investor relations programmes for mid to micro cap companies.

Following Makinson Cowell’s acquisition by KPMG in 2013, she was briefly seconded to KPMG’s Global Strategy team, supporting the firm’s chairman’s office.

Since joining Kekst CNC in 2016, Katherine has worked on numerous IPOs, IR mandates, defense cases and reputational / crisis events.

Katherine completed a Masters in Geographical Research at Cambridge University in 2012. She also holds a Bachelors degree in Geography from King’s College London. Katherine has completed CFA Level II.

Q&A with Katherine

What does success look like to you?

When you can look back at your life and confidently say you gave more than you took.

Why did you choose Kekst CNC?

Having spent nearly four years almost exclusively focused on investor relations and what best practice looked like, I wanted to broaden my experience and understand how information was shared across audiences. I wasn’t entirely sure what or where I wanted to do this, so I handed in my notice and took a brief sabbatical to work on the 2016 US Presidential Campaign.

Before hitting the campaign trail, I met with a few communications agencies, including Kekst CNC. They offered a dynamic mix of professionals, working together to provide holistic communications advice. I felt the shared experience and broad range of client projects would make me a well-rounded advisor.

And I was right! We don’t specialize in any particular sector but there isn’t anything we can’t advise on. We have a total blend of expertise and professional backgrounds making it an easy place to learn and share new ways of thinking.

What would be your favourite travel tip?

All you ever really need is your passport, phone and access to money. Everything else is superfluous.

What has been the biggest change in the industry since you started working?

Accountability and authenticity.

In a world were fake news and alternative facts have quickly become the norm, it is important for our clients to cut through the noise and be accountable and authentic. It holds more weight and will win more long term supporters then pushing out spin stories or convenient truths.

Tell the full story honestly and you will go far.

What charity are you passionate about?

Anything education based!

My dyslexia made school an incredibly hard experience but I was fortunate enough to have parents who worked tirelessly and fought my corner when many had written me off.

I am a proud member of the Crew at Hackney Pirates, Governor at Ryefield Primary School and Mentor for Target Oxbridge. Working alongside children and young adults who have a similar background to demonstrate that there is no limit if you work hard is one of the most rewarding feelings

A fair and equal education is one of the greatest levelers.

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