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Lucy Cording

Partner & Head of Digital Engagement
Lucy has more than 15 years’ experience in developing multi-channel communications strategies.

She helps clients make sense of data and available insight to assess reputational risks and to inform strategic decisions.

She helps clients make sense of data and available insight to assess reputational risks and to inform strategic decisions.

“I’m lucky to genuinely love the work I do. I think that as consultants, we have the role and responsibility to be seen as that trusted advisor to help address the challenges our clients face. We wouldn’t be able to do that without the passion and integrity of our people. It’s the smart people we work with that make this job enjoyable and the solutions we create that make it so rewarding.”

Lucy has more than 15 years’ experience in developing integrated communications strategies and is responsible for leading Kekst CNC’s global Digital and Insights offer.

Her expertise ranges from running reputational risk assessments and online visibility audits to planning successful content and engagement-led programs. Using smart insights and data, she creates and implements multi-platform, multi-stakeholder campaigns rooted in the power of influence and advocacy.

Lucy advises clients how to understand and manage their online reputation and advises how to use purposeful content and the right channels to drive credible reach and engagement. Building on this, she identifies opportunities to amplify content and campaigns through paid targeting, organic optimization and online networking.

She has vast experience in helping individuals build their online profiles and has also developed and executed credible advocacy initiatives within key financial and corporate institutions.

Her client experience ranges from P&G, HSBC, EY, BT, Lloyds Banking Group, OTPP, to Willis Towers Watson, KPMG, Legal & General and Siemens. She has also worked with key growth businesses and start-ups such as Hyllion, GetYourGuide and AboutYou.

Prior to joining Kekst CNC, Lucy was at MSLGROUP in London and before that, was in-house at Experian QAS.


Data, Research and Insights

  • Responsible for the roster of third-party tools, we have licenses for regularly stress testing new technologies, meeting market disrupters as well as challenging the use of current incumbent platforms.
  • Drove internal upskilling and global integration of our analytical capabilities, which helps us as a business bring smart solutions to our client’s problems. Together we challenge the ‘what, so what, what now’ to interrogate information and to help predict change or impact.
  • Advised clients to think differently when it comes to assessing online risks, threats and reputational vulnerabilities – bringing with that innovative solutions and services such as understanding disinformation, the threat of Twitter Bots and the Dark Web and the discourse within forums such as Reddit.

Corporate Reputation and Positioning

  • Developed data-driven strategies that respond to identified nuances and trends seen with audience perception, sentiment and behavior.
  • Developed Reputation Risk Scoring mechanics to help inform decisions regarding channel use and thought leadership.

People Communications

  • Responsible for developing pioneering, employer branding led initiatives and communications strategies for the likes of EY, Lloyds Banking Group and HSBC.
  • Led effective executive positioning mandates for multiple clients, showing the value of using consistent, multi-channel communications to respond to the changing demands faced by business leaders.
  • Extensive experience with planning for, building and executing employee advocacy programs that can talk to and bring to life critical initiatives relating to DEI, ESG as well as business growth.


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