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Ross Williamson

Ross specializes in corporate and digital communications.

He has worked with a number of clients to guide their communications strategies through insights gained from social and digital media analysis.

Ross is a Consultant in the London office, focusing on corporate and digital communications. He specialises in using analytics tools to implement data-led corporate communications strategies. He manages the tracking, evaluation and reporting of these strategies to ensure that core objectives and KPIs are met.

Since joining Kekst CNC in 2017, Ross has worked across a wide range of FTSE100 companies, including bp, KPMG and HSBC – where he was seconded to the global content team for three months.

Ross has also gained experience in setting up and managing editorial boards, helping clients to source and develop compelling content from their executive team that speaks to their key values.

Before Kekst CNC, Ross worked as a summer analyst in one of Spain’s leading mid-market private equity firms, MCH Private Equity. He is fluent in Spanish and has experience working and studying in both Spain and Latin America.

Ross has a Combined Honours BA in Politics and Spanish from the University of Newcastle.

Q&A with Ross

What do you enjoy most about working at Kekst CNC? How does working at Kekst CNC challenge you?

You are given responsibilities from the day you arrive, meaning endless challenges and opportunities.   

Who is the most impressive speaker you’ve ever heard?

Helga Hengge, the first German woman to climb Mount Everest, spoke at Kekst CNC’s company summit last year. Having someone talk you through how it felt to reach the highest peak on earth after multiple failed ascents was very inspiring.

What are the major industry challenges in the next 3 to 5 years?

Understanding the real value of digital, as well as its limitations. Agencies will need to move beyond buzzwords and onto data-led communications strategies, which result in clear returns on investment.

What career advice would you give to your younger self?

Get a haircut.

What is the most exciting city you’ve ever been to?

Buenos Aires is the most chaotic and vibrant city I’ve ever lived in. It’s a sprawling metropolis with awful public transport, fantastic food, and bars that are open until 08:00 in the morning.

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