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Kevin Soady

Kevin has been working in strategic communications for more than 25 years.

Kevin specializes in designing multi-disciplinary, multi-stakeholder programs for international clients.

­What makes Kekst CNC unique is the great team we have, where international collaboration is not just encouraged, but is also expected. A place where we back new ideas and initiatives no matter where they come from.

Kevin has been with the company since 2013.

Starting in market research, Kevin moved to Dewe Rogerson where he began to specialize in multi-disciplinary approaches to designing marketing programs for many of the world's most successful retail share offers, an area where he is recognized as one of the foremost experts worldwide.

Kevin ran the international team and held the same role at Citigate Dewe Rogerson. Leaving in 2001, Kevin then acted as a management advisor to a number of international corporate and financial PR firms.

Kevin joined Kekst CNC in 2013, where he advises international clients on financial transactions, corporate reputation, issues and crisis. Kevin has worked to develop Kekst CNC’s market leading data, analytics and research offer.

Kevin holds a BSc in Economics and Statistics from the University of Southampton and an MA in Industrial Relations from the University of Warwick.



Initial Public Offer

  • Kevin has advised on IPO and ECM mandates in more than 30 countries helping issuers raise more than $200 bn.
  • He is recognized as the global expert in developing retail marketing campaigns for privatisations and IPOs having worked across Europe and globally. Kevin has a detailed understanding of the market-specific regulatory restrictions that impact upon IPO promotion and is a one-stop-shop for anything IPO related.

Corporate Reputation and Positioning

  • Worked across sectors and markets to support the development of corporate positioning and narratives. Kevin’s approach is to blend experience with data and analysis and he has been at the forefront of building Kekst CNC’s analytics and research toolbox. Kevin’s experience includes work for large corporates from across Europe.

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Worked on M&A mandates for some 25 years, including a number of the largest cross-border transactions in Europe and beyond. 

Data, Research and Insights

  • Kevin started his career in market research and has continued to use both qualitative and quantitative methods to inform strategies for client mandates. He has been instrumental in supporting the development of Kekst CNC’s market leading digital analytics offer, covering a broad and changing set of tools that allow us to understand opinions across our target groups. 
  • Worked to establish Kekst CNC’s own polling capability in early 2020, which has led to the acclaimed COVID-tracker series as well as the development of the Munich Security Index for the Munich Security Conference.


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