Podcast 18 November 2020

Episode 6: The Critical Role of Data Analytics in Communications

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18 November 2020 | 21 min 47 sec


About this episode

In the sixth “Global Thinking” episode, host Eleanor Cavill is joined by Andrew Berkley, Data Science Lead, Strategic Intelligence Team at the World Economic Forum and Kekst CNC Partner and Head of Digital Engagement, Lucy Cording.

Together, they unpick how COVID-19 has altered the communications landscape, the global pandemic ultimately unravelling many of the process and accepted norms. With new paths continually being forged for stakeholder and audience behaviour, the pandemic has led communications professionals to reflect on and challenge their previously held assumptions.

The importance of data and insights continues to grow, as data analytics empowers users to steer communications and shape narratives. Our guests discuss why bridging the gap between data and technology and evidence-based decision making is critical for better and more informed choices, at a time where publics are demanding to see more visibility and transparency from the brands and corporations they engage with. Concurrently, the role of authenticity has never been more crucial, with the ever-rising danger of alienating ourselves as our use of data analytics increases looming in the background.

Our guests also explore how evolving and adapting as an organisation hinges on effectively deploying actionable insights. But how can impact and reach be achieved, especially in an age of heightened data restrictions and increased scrutiny over analytics capabilities? Listen here to find out more.

If you'd like to learn more about how Andrew Berkley and his team use data analytics to communicate relationships between global issues and help a global audience make more informed decisions based on emerging trends in data, please visit intelligence.weforum.org.