Research 3 min read 14 February 2022

Munich Security Index 2022

In a time of uncertainty about geopolitics, public health, and the strength of our institutions that is unprecedented in recent memory, data shows a growing concern about risk: 27 of the 31 risks covered in the Munich Security Index have seen an overall increase in threat perception since February/March of 2021. Based on a global survey of 12,000 people, the Munich Security Index’s in-depth view of G7 and BRICS nations evidences escalating worries on various issues that are co-occurring around the world, including climate change, extreme weather events, cyberattacks, and food shortages and mass migration as a result of global catastrophe.

The Munich Security Index is the result of a collaboration between the Munich Security Conference and Kekst CNC to answer some of the most crucial questions that individuals around the world face: Is the world becoming a riskier place? Is there a global consensus on the risks that humanity is facing today? And how prepared do societies feel to tackle these threats?

The Munich Security Index is included in the annual Munich Security Report. The report is available for download here.

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