Research 14 February 2023

Munich Security Index 2023: Polling in Ukraine

Methodology and Full Results

Due to the popularity of this year's Index, we have been asked to outline in more detail how we conducted the polling in Ukraine. 

Between 8 and 28 November, Kekst CNC and the MSC undertook a survey of Ukrainians to learn about their risk perceptions and views on Russia’s war of aggression. The survey was carried out by a trusted and reputable local fieldwork partner in compliance with the European Society for Opinion and Market Research (ESOMAR) code.

The survey is based on a representative sample of 1000 people. Respondents were selected according to stratified quotas for gender, age, residency (currently and prior to the war), formal education, and income. The sample does not include respondents from Crimea and only a small number from the Donbas, but a significant number of former residents of the Donbas who were displaced by the war. The final data was then weighed to exactly match the quotas.

Given the adverse circumstances on the ground, including energy blackouts, polling by telephone complemented polling by online panels.

Download the full Ukraine data tables

MSC 2023 - Ukraine Full Polling Tables.xlsx

Download the Munich Security Index

Munich Security Index 2023.pdf