Research 2 min read 13 February 2023

Munich Security Index 2023

One year has passed since the Munich Security Index showed growing concern over risk worldwide, and in that time we’ve seen that anxiety bear out: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, instability in the financial markets, and continued worries about the state of climate change. In the wake of these developments, global sentiment has separated into two camps. Indeed, a theme running across this year’s Munich Security Index is polarization – a divided world with starkly different views on what the future holds.

We see rapidly shifting attitudes towards world powers both fading and emergent, and against capitalism itself. Meanwhile, pessimism regarding near-term economic prospects persists. Concurrently, much of the world has rallied around Ukraine, and Ukrainians themselves show some of the strongest sentiments we recorded.

The Munich Security Index is a collaboration between the Munich Security Conference and Kekst CNC to answer the most crucial questions facing individuals today: Is the world becoming a riskier place? Is there a consensus on the risks facing humanity? And how prepared are societies in tackling these threats?

The Munich Security Index is included in the annual Munich Security Report. The full report is available for download here.

For more information on our polling in Ukraine, please click here.

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