Podcast 04 August 2020

Episode 4: Cyber Crisis Preparedness in a Remote Working World

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04 August 2020 | 16 min 36 sec


About this episode

In our latest podcast host Dominic Laurie is joined by David Emm, Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky Labs, Hans Allnutt, Partner at DAC Beachcroft, Raf Sanchez, International Breach Response Manager at Beazley and Kekst CNC partner Ben Curson, who share their take on the changing landscape of cyber security.

COVID-19 has displaced workforces and offices. The ever-changing environment, rife with fear, continues to create the ‘perfect storm’ for the cyber criminals poised to strike. In this episode our guests discuss the vulnerabilities that have been exposed by remote working, now many are operating without the supporting office infrastructure we are accustomed to. They examine the notion that crises must be dealt with in person, and how the status quo and our dispersed workforces can actually play into the successful management of a crisis, albeit remotely. They discuss why prevention is better than a cure, exploring why companies must seize this opportunity of unscheduled change to adapt working practices to improve their cyber security. Listen here to find out more, and why investing time and resources in staff training means they become the unsung heroes in the fight against cyber security issues.

The Kekst CNC Situation Room

At Kekst CNC, we’ve helped our clients through hundreds of crises around the world. Building on our experience and expertise, we have developed the Kekst CNC Situation Room. Our simulation tool enables teams to learn how to deal with a crisis and mitigate its impact in real time. The Situation Room is designed to train teams of any size, experience level and type of organization. It’s also scalable and can be run in-person or remotely. To learn more about the Kekst CNC Situation Room, please contact our team at [email protected] or visit our Crisis and Issues Management website.