News 20 May 2024

Supporting Professional Development Through Learning in Saudi Arabia

Announcing Kekst CNC’s ‘Mastering Communications’ Training for Clients

Saudia Arabia is on an unprecedented journey of transformation – economic, societal and cultural. It’s playing a rapidly growing and evolving role on the global geopolitical stage, providing the opportunity and the responsibility to tell its story clearly and effectively.

Yet Saudi Arabia does not have a tradition – nor the educational infrastructure – that encourages people to pursue studies and a career in professional communications. Consequently, many public and private sector leaders in Saudi Arabia must learn ‘on the job’, managing responsibilities that may span from engineering to administration to marketing.

Now more than ever, Saudi leaders need an accessible way to receive world-class training and qualifications in communications. They require training that is efficient and quick. Kekst CNC-KSA is therefore announcing today the launch of a suite of Learning & Development (L&D) training modules. These can be used ‘out of the box’ or customized based on each organization’s need.

We aim to share our communications knowledge and capabilities, assisting in-Kingdom champions to ‘raise the bar’ for professional communications in Saudi Arabia. Our training offer will grow with time, but the initial training modules include the following:

People-Focused Training Core Competency-Focused Training Expertise-Focused Training
  • Collaboration
  • Writing skills
  • Mastering Messaging
  • People Management & Leadership
  • Media & Public Communications
  • The Art & Science of Storytelling
  • Personal Development
  • Comms Planning & Strategy Development
  • Implementing your Branding & Visual Identity
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Project Management
  • Internal Communications Impact
  • Introduction to Crisis Communications
  • Introduction to Cybersecurity Communications
  • Introduction to Public Affairs
  • Financial Communications & Investor Relations
  • LinkedIn, Wikipedia, SEO
  • Visible Leadership – How to Position a Thought Leader Online


For more information about Kekst CNC’s new communication training offer, email [email protected].