ESG and Sustainability

Social and environmental issues are no longer peripheral. They’re business-critical.
Leaders are under pressure from all sides: Investors are increasingly focused on sustainability. Regulators and policymakers are taking action that impacts the bottom line. And customers and employees are demanding companies lead on the issues that matter to them, from climate change to human rights.

What it means for businesses
Businesses are expected to be fluent in sustainability, as well as financial issues.
These changing expectations create reputational and financial risks for businesses. But they also present opportunities for leadership.
Articulating a strong story about how your company delivers value for the world can generate value for your business.

Shaping a sustainability story
A sustainability story connects what matters to the world with what matters to your business. It captures the full value of your business. And it aligns its actions with a new standard for leadership in sustainability.

Our approach
The debate around social and environmental issues is noisy. We cut through to what really matters for you.
We take an integrated approach to ESG and sustainability, embedding expertise into all our client work. This requires a rigorously commercial approach, focusing only on critical areas: what’s financially material to your business and what’s central to its operation.
We start with the data to get a clear view of the issues – not just perception and speculation. Our insight-driven approach enables us to create compelling and credible stories, rooted in the business.
And we deliver practical and impactful engagement strategies, tools and communications advice that clients can put into practice quickly.

Our offer
Our experienced team supports businesses at every stage of their sustainability journey to generate value, drive reputational reappraisal and demonstrate leadership. Our team is stronger for being integrated into all our client services, ensuring our advice is always anchored in your commercial priorities.

We support clients to:

Respond to critical social and environmental issues that impact your license to operate, such as shareholder activism and reputational crises:
   o Crisis response and campaigns
   o Regulatory and political stakeholder engagement

Integrate and unify sustainability in all communications to demonstrate the full value of your business:
   o Sustainability narratives
   o Purpose architecture
   o Reporting and communication strategies
   o Creative content development to bring your narrative to life

Navigate the ESG reporting landscape to identify what’s most important to your stakeholders:
   o Investor-focused sustainability communications
   o ESG benchmarking and reporting

• Establish leadership in sustainability:
   o Issue-based campaigns
   o Signature initiatives
   o CEO and leadership positioning

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