Climate Transition

The value of communications is to explain where you are today and the tangible action you are taking to bridge to tomorrow. Kekst CNC is advising organizations around the world on how to tell the story of their transition to a low-carbon future effectively.

“While there is growing consensus on the urgent need for climate action, the Ukraine conflict has made the transition more complex. The tension between near term energy security and progress to net zero is real. Global business must hold its nerve in this highly politically charged environment and not lose sight of the opportunities that the transition to a low carbon future offers.”

Claire Maloney, Partner, Kekst CNC

Blue Zone

The most exclusive and central zone at COP28, where decisions will be made by policy makers. The zone hosts the formal negotiations across the two weeks of the conference.

Green Zone

The Green Zone is also under the auspices of the UN, welcoming a diverse range of attendees, including NGOs, climate disruptors, other innovative businesses, and numerous public advocacy organizations.

Innovation Zone

The free-to-attend Innovation Zone is a hub for cross-sector collaboration, constituting the most diverse segment of attendees, speakers, corporate exhibitions, and specialized summits.

Global Thinking Podcast: Transitioning to a Net Zero Future

Global Thinking host Eleanor Cavill is joined by Mark Campanale, Founder & Executive Chairman of Carbon Tracker Initiative, and Oliver Buckley, Director at Kekst CNC, to discuss a variety of topics concerning the journey to net zero, including opportunities on the path to a low carbon future, the pace of the transition, and expectations for COP28.


Our Experts

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Lars Lindblad Partner
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Meghan Sheehan Director and Head of ESG and Sustainability
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Oliver Buckley Director
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Richard Campbell Partner
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