Climate Transition

The value of communications is to explain where you are today and the tangible action you are taking to bridge to tomorrow. Kekst CNC is advising organizations around the world on how to tell the story of their transition to a low-carbon future effectively.

“While there is growing consensus on the urgent need for climate action, the Ukraine conflict has made the transition more complex. The tension between near term energy security and progress to net zero is real. Global business must hold its nerve in this highly politically charged environment and not lose sight of the opportunities that the transition to a low carbon future offers.”

Claire Maloney, Partner, Kekst CNC


of respondents in a Kekst CNC survey in the UK believe that extreme temperatures in the country are a result of climate change


of the UK public believe that big companies are not doing enough to tackle climate change


of the UK public believe that the UK government is not doing enough to tackle climate change

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Meghan Sheehan Director and Head of ESG and Sustainability
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The world has committed to a net zero path, setting ambitious goals for 2050 as part of the Paris Agreement. Yet while many companies over recent years have made bold commitments to change the way they do business, it’s often not clear how they’ll achieve their targets.


UK Consumer Priority Tracker – Edition 1

The first edition of Priority Check examines attitudes towards climate change and the cost-of-living crisis. Will recent extreme weather conditions mark the beginning of a new phase of concern over climate change, or will the nation be too preoccupied with surging inflation?


Crypto’s Climate Challenge

For big miners or resource companies ignoring the environmental implications of the giant projects they fund and operate, often in remote and sensitive corners of the globe, would be unthinkable.


The Climate Credentials Needed to Attract the Next Generation of Employees

Climate transition will have a profound impact on business – everyone from nascent start-ups to the biggest global corporations will have to face up to mounting pressures from customers, investors and members of the public to manage the shift to a greener economy.


The Time is Now

Sustainability has long been viewed as an ambition that belongs far into the future. But the situation in Ukraine has brought these future musings into sharp and immediate relief in a way that no regional flooding or fire has done before.


New EU Consumer Rules to Cement Ban on Greenwashing

The European Union (EU) wants to tighten rules on greenwashing.


COP26 Public Opinion Survey

A week after the dust has settled on what could be the most pivotal United Nations Climate Change conference in history, the jury still seems to be out on the success of COP26.


COP26 Commentary

It’s been an intense and fast-moving week in Glasgow. Expectations have quickly moved beyond words and pledges, and the battle against greenwashing has become a central theme. Will the event be considered a success or a noble failure?


How to Create Action out of Language: Ideas From COP26

Impact Insights by Kekst CNC provides four practical tips you can use next time you’re communicating - with the media, employees, peers or investors.


Net Zero: From Reputational Liability to Reputational Asset

Net zero commitments have filled our newspapers and news feeds over the past 12 months – and they’re fast becoming an expectation for businesses.


Sustainability and the Supply Chain: Taking Center Stage

Sustainability and the supply chain have been under the magnifying glass for some time now: Witness the fashion and textile industries where the 2013 collapse of the Rana Plaza building in Dhaka, Bangladesh, killed more than 1,100 workers at five garment factories.