Research 3 min read 18 October 2021

COVID-19 Opinion Tracker - Edition 9

The ninth iteration of Kekst CNC’s international tracking survey reveals a step-change in attitudes towards coronavirus, with more people saying governments should now prioritise protecting their economies, even at the expense of limiting the spread of the virus.

This change in sentiment is especially pronounced in Germany and the UK -- despite high case counts in the latter – and, combined with very low appetite for restrictions and/or a return to lockdown measures, may be indicative that the public no longer sees limiting the spread as the only policy goal. This suggests a changed environment, and one that government, public institutions, and business will need to navigate in a different way to the way they have in the pandemic to date.

The COVID-19 Opinion Tracker also reveals stark variances in economic outlook between regions: Continental Europeans have recovered from their previously downbeat view during the vaccine rollout, but Americans and the British have seen a sharp reversal on their optimism about the economy since May, perhaps linked to rising cost of living and supply chain concerns.

All countries are seeing increasing acceptance of the vaccine over time, and the desire for a third booster shot is high among those who are already vaccinated – over 80% in most cases. However, the US has become the country with the population least likely to get the vaccine, and our research shows that stark divisions in sentiment are opening up between the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

COVID-19 Opinion Tracker Ed. 9

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COVID-19 Opinion Tracker - Wave 9

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Responding to COVID-19

Kekst CNC is monitoring the COVID-19 events in real time, and we have compiled resources to help our clients communicate in a timely and effective way with employees, customers, investors and other key stakeholders around the world. Please continue to monitor the Responding to COVID-19 hub for updates.