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Eleanor Cavill

Eleanor has experience in a broad range of communications specialisms including corporate and financial communications.

Eleanor also has experience of crisis communications and has worked on a number of issues management mandates including cyber security.

Eleanor also has experience of crisis communications and has worked on a number of issues management mandates including cyber security.

Eleanor is a Consultant at Kekst CNC in London where she has worked since January 2018.

Since joining the firm, Eleanor has gained experience on a broad range of projects, with a focus on media relations, reputation, crisis and issues management.

Prior to joining Kekst CNC, Eleanor gained public affairs experience, volunteering on the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign in Brooklyn, New York, as part of the team coordinating voter outreach initiatives across the U.S.

Eleanor holds a BA in History from the University of Cambridge. She specialized in American political and cultural history, with a particular interest in cultural identity during the post-war era.


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Episode 13: Keeping Employees Engaged (Parts 1 & 2)

With many companies pursuing ambitions to return their employees to work, the question of how to navigate these new dynamics of the employee experience naturally arises. How do companies maintain a sense of continuity and connection within atomized workspaces? Is there a generational divide in how employees approach work?

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Episode 12: The Journey from Start-Up to Corporate

Much of the messaging startups craft to communicate their vision is drawn from the company’s conditions in its infancy. But how do the goals of these startups change with their transition into mid-sized and/or corporate entities, and how do they best communicate themselves to the market as they evolve? In the 12th episode of Kekst CNC’s Global Thinking podcast, we join Alexander Kappes, Founder and CEO of Greener Crop; Julie Leblan, Founder and CEO of Merit Incentives; and Kekst CNC’s Valentina von Lutterotti, Director and RISE expert for a conversation on how startups can prepare themselves to communicate their growth and ambitions, including: best practices for maintaining media relationships, managing expectations in the market, and thoughtful ways to handle people communications as your company expands.

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Episode 11: Digital (Dis)trust

In our 11th Global Thinking podcast episode, guests Simon Pfeiffer and Randolf Carr, Policy Advisors at the Munich Security Conference and Kekst CNC’s James Johnson discuss the findings of a recent European survey conducted by Kekst CNC on behalf of the Munich Security Conference on digital (dis)trust. The research finds that Europeans are deeply concerned about their security online and worry that their countries are too dependent on foreign suppliers of digital technologies. Tune into this episode to learn more about the research findings and implications for businesses, governments and regulators.

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