Dr. Jana Edelmann Public Affairs Mai 16 2019

re:publica 2019 | Quo vadis, digitale (Kommunikations)welt? | Top 5 Learnings

Dr. Jochen Legewie Finanzkommunikation Apr 24 2019

Shareholder activism in Japan: the new global hotbed

Harald Kinzler Finanzkommunikation Apr 18 2019

Exploring activism at The Deal Corporate Governance 2019 Conference

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Die re:publica ist inzwischen eine der größten europäischen Konferenzen zum Thema Internet, Medien und digitale Gesellschaft.


In 2018, Asia eclipsed Europe (excl. the UK) for the first time in the number of activist campaigns. The clear hotbed is Japan where these campaigns increased by 40% to 47, more than in any other country outside the U.S. Dealing with the challenge to more pro-actively communicate with capital markets Japanese companies will provide a valuable lesson to their peers in Europe and Asia.


When it comes to American activism, is your company prepared? Kekst CNC recently attended The Deal Corporate Governance in Europe Conference, to answer that exact question.


Stories are patterns that connect cause and effect. This helps us to make sense of the world around us. My own industry is built on its ability to structure and tell stories. But what makes a good one?

Krisen und Sondersituationen

You’ve just been alerted to a cyber security breach – sensitive customer data has been published online. In the information age we live in, this is a nightmare scenario for any business.


Heute funktioniert Networking vermehrt über digitale Plattformen. Ändert sich dadurch der Charakter des ‚Netzwerkens‘? Und was macht ‚erfolgreiches Networking‘ eigentlich aus? Darüber habe ich mit dem Founding Partner von Kekst CNC, Dr. Christoph Walther, sprechen können.